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Counselling is an investment in yourself and `I believe it should be available for all. I offer an initial intake session which costs £25. Sessions thereafter will cost £50 and are an hour long. I understand that counselling is inaccessible for many people and therefore I offer a limited number of low cost places for those that are really struggling financially or on a low income. Please contact me for more details on this.


Most of us are going through something or are struggling with something from our past. We talk to friends who try to help us and mean well but often tell us what we want to hear or don't fully hear us. A counsellor is trained to listen in a different way, supporting you and helping you piece together and make sense of things. It is not advice, or a quick fix, but if you are committed and ready it can be both challenging and life changing. The fact you are reading this means you are taking that brave first step!


I understand that sometimes things come up which are unavoidable. In this case  I ask for 48 hours notice. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at 50% cost at our next session as I am unable to fill the session. Multiple sessions will likely result in cessation of our work together.


Yes, everything we discuss is strictly confidential. However, there are a few exceptions to confidentiality;

  • If a client discloses involvement in, or information about acts of terrorism, I am legally obliged to inform the authorities.

  • If a client gives me information regarding money laundering or drug-trafficking offences, I am obliged to pass this information to the police.

  • If a client is at risk of seriously hurting themselves or others.

  • Supervision - as a registered counsellor, my professional body (NCS) requires that I attend regular supervision. Client information is anonymised and the focus is largely on the therapist's work.

  • A judge or coroner can legally order the release of client notes.

My notes and client contact information are kept in locked cabinets which only I have access to. Client information is not identifiable. I use a secure email service provider which is encrypted end-to-end and password protected. 

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